Sarah Foudy is a nine-time NY EMMY award winning, BAFTA nominated Producer-Director who has made films for A&E, ID, and BBC. Sarah is proud to partner with Ben Steele in directing her first Feature Documentary, In Memoriam

With a background in grass-roots organizing and an MFA in Film Production, Sarah is adept at accessing sensitive institutions and individuals, finding and cultivating powerful voices, and brings empathy, tenacity, intuition to the stories she tells. 

Some recent films include ‘Love & Hate Crime’ examining hate crime with personal connections across America, ‘I Shot My Parents’, following the journey of a family coming to terms with their son’s horrific crime, and ‘Unarmed Black Man’, following the trial of a white police officer accused of killing a black teen. 


Sarah is also the former Campaign Director for the feature documentary ‘BULLY’ (PUMA Impact Award Finalist), and she taught documentary storytelling, production, and editing at City University’s Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. 


Based in the NYC region, Sarah is now a Producer with UK based Top Hat Productions. 

Ben Steele is a multiple EMMY and BAFTA nominated and Grierson award winning Director who has made films for BBC, ID, HBO, Netflix and  Channel 4. 

Ben is an instinctive director who tells emotionally powerful stories.  Much of his work is access based and explores ethical dilemmas and moral conflicts.  His films offer insights into the human experience and allow audiences to draw their own conclusions. 

Recent films include ‘Love & Hate Crime’ examining hate crime with personal connections across America, ‘Hunted’ that examines Russian vigilante gangs that target gay people,  ‘NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York’ examining police brutality, ‘Orphans of Ebola’ shot in Sierra Leone at the peak of the outbreak and ‘The Gypsy Matchmaker’ about illegal marriages in the UK. 

Ben’s films have been screened in festivals and cinemas in LA, NYC, San Francisco, Savannah, Sheffield and London. He has filmed in over 25 countries. 

He is now Creative Director at Top Hat Productions.